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2017-2018 Archives

Oct. 23, 2017:2017-18 Honor Roll
Oct. 18, 2017:New Re-enrollment Process Starting at TMA - Introducing Continuous Enrollment!
Sep. 1, 2017:2017-18 Chapel at TMA
Aug. 30, 2017:#TMASpotlight
July 23, 2017:Introducing the 2017-18 Fine Arts Season!
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2016-2017 Archives

June 27, 2017:Exciting Updates for TMA's Preschool
June 26, 2017:Camp Sparta Summer Camp Recap
June 26, 2017:2017-18 Theme Verse
June 1, 2017:Admissions
Oct. 10, 2016:Experience Academic Excellence
Aug. 29, 2016:New Year, New Programs at TMA!
Aug. 20, 2016:Be a Part of the Community
Aug. 11, 2016:TMA's Preschool Program
Aug. 10, 2016:Prayer Garden Dedication
Aug. 10, 2016:Steam Lab Launches in the Lower School
Aug. 10, 2016:2016-17 Theme: Soar Eagle
Aug. 10, 2016:Florida Christian College Fair at TMA!
Aug. 10, 2016:Author Bryan Davis Coming to TMA!
Aug. 10, 2016:Fellaship Men's Gathering
Aug. 8, 2016:Performing Arts Center is Now Open!
Aug. 5, 2016:Homecoming 2016: October 17-22!
Aug. 5, 2016:2016 Alumni Tailgate - RSVP Today!
Aug. 2, 2016:Annual Praise and Dedication Ceremony
Aug. 1, 2016:New to You Upscale Resale
July 29, 2016:New Dining Service - Register Today!
July 26, 2016:Back to School - Important Dates
July 25, 2016:Common Grounds Cafe
July 20, 2016:Lower School Night - Friday, August 26
July 13, 2016:New Dining Service - Free Tasting Event!
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2015-2016 Archives

June 27, 2016:Camp Sparta - 2016 Summer Camp
Feb. 27, 2016:J-Term International Travel - Germany and the Alps
Feb. 25, 2016:TMA Summer Camps Registration Now Open
Feb. 25, 2016:Spiritual Development
Feb. 1, 2016:Faith and Family Night at the Orlando Solar Bears Game
Oct. 1, 2015:New Building Announcement
Sep. 29, 2015:Yearbooks On Sale Now
Sep. 17, 2015:The Master's Academy - Ovations Winner!
Sep. 14, 2015:Homecoming 2015
July 10, 2015:Back-To-School Events
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2014-2015 Archives

Apr. 13, 2015:Summer Camps
Feb. 23, 2015:TMA Alumni on the Dean's List
Feb. 12, 2015:Online Re-Enrollment Now Available!
Feb. 6, 2015:Cinderella
Jan. 12, 2015:Camp Sparta
Dec. 4, 2014:Yearbook Information
Nov. 25, 2014:November/December Guidance Newsletter
Nov. 13, 2014:TMA Bling Shirts
Oct. 13, 2014:Flip It To Win It: A DIY Contest Sponsored by New To You Upscale Resale
Sep. 25, 2014:September/October Guidance Newsletter
Aug. 1, 2014:Welcome TMA International Students
July 31, 2014:Costa Rica Summer 2014 Updates
July 22, 2014:TMA Announces Hiring of Matt Cleveland as Director of Baseball and Softball Operations
July 1, 2014:Principal Letter 2014-2015
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2013-2014 Archives

May 30, 2014:Class of 2014 Athlete Signings
May 22, 2014:Commencement Class Of 2014
May 20, 2014:The Master's Academy Announces All-School Deal with NIKE
May 13, 2014:MS Koinonia Groups
Apr. 30, 2014:Learn about The Master's Academy's new Distinguished Diploma
Apr. 7, 2014:Mr. Zach Darnell Wins The Orlando Magic's Educator of the Year Award!
Apr. 1, 2014:Change for Children at Camp Sparta
Mar. 30, 2014:2014-2015 Important School Start Dates
Mar. 30, 2014:Middle School Letter 2014-2015
Mar. 30, 2014:High School Letter 2014-2015
Mar. 30, 2014:Lower School Letter 2014-2015
Mar. 26, 2014:Grandparents' Day Video Stream
Mar. 18, 2014:Employment Opportunities
Mar. 17, 2014:TMA Hires Varsity Girls Basketball Coach
Mar. 17, 2014:2015 Golf Classic Online Auction
Mar. 14, 2014:Middle School Celebrates Pi Day!
Mar. 14, 2014:3rd Grade's "Celebrate America Day"
Mar. 13, 2014:National Honor Society Induction
Mar. 11, 2014:4th Grade Field Trip to Tallahassee
Mar. 11, 2014:Mr. Darnell Honored as Educator of the Month by The Orlando Magic
Mar. 9, 2014:Summer Mission Trip
Mar. 7, 2014:Course Request Form for 2014-2015
Mar. 5, 2014:Introducing The Master's Academy Mobile App
Mar. 4, 2014:Author Jenny L. Cote Visits TMA
Mar. 3, 2014:TMA Hires Reggie Kohn as Director of Basketball Operations and Head Varsity Basketball Coach
Mar. 3, 2014:TMA Hires New Athletic Director and Announces Athletic Restructuring
Feb. 24, 2014:Change for Children - Update
Feb. 23, 2014:District Solo and Ensemble Competition
Feb. 21, 2014: J-Term 2015
Feb. 21, 2014:1st Grade Character Day
Feb. 19, 2014:Chapel Guest Speakers
Feb. 14, 2014:Valentine's Day
Feb. 14, 2014:2nd Grade Father's Breakfast
Feb. 11, 2014: 2nd Grade Visits Honors Chemistry
Feb. 10, 2014:Lower School Penny War
Feb. 10, 2014:7th Grade Driftwood Education Center
Feb. 7, 2014:Lower School Fiesta in Spain
Feb. 6, 2014:Washington, DC Blog
Feb. 5, 2014:The Case of the Borrowed Bear
Feb. 4, 2014:Twelve Angry Jurors
Feb. 4, 2014:The Master's Academy Lower School Talent Show
Jan. 29, 2014:Lower School Roller Skating Party
Jan. 29, 2014:Green Smoothies!
Jan. 28, 2014:Cup O'Pottery J-Term 2014
Jan. 28, 2014:7th Grade Life Science
Jan. 27, 2014:100th Day of School
Jan. 26, 2014:Dual Enrollment Students
Jan. 23, 2014:BizWorld in 3rd Grade
Jan. 22, 2014:2nd Grade Pancake and Pajama Day 2014
Jan. 21, 2014:Internship Luncheon J-Term 2014
Jan. 21, 2014:Disney Worldview J-Term 2014
Jan. 18, 2014:"Princess Boot Camp" J-Term 2014
Jan. 18, 2014:"Passport" J-Term 2014
Jan. 16, 2014:"Twelve Angry Jurors" J-Term 2014
Jan. 15, 2014:Costa Rica J-Term Blog 2014
Jan. 15, 2014:WeDo Robotics After School Club
Jan. 15, 2014:Kevin G. Represented TMA at Allstate Band
Jan. 14, 2014:"Snapshot Studio" J-Term 2014
Jan. 14, 2014:"How Pinteresting!" J-Term 2014
Jan. 14, 2014:"Outdoor Survival Techniques" J-Term 2014
Jan. 14, 2014:Middle School Cheer Squad
Jan. 14, 2014:France J-Term Blog 2014
Jan. 13, 2014:"Cooking 101" J-Term 2014
Jan. 13, 2014:"Rec Room Sports" J-Term 2014
Jan. 11, 2014:The “Coffee Shop" J-Term 2014
Jan. 11, 2014:“Driver's Ed Training" J-Term 2014
Jan. 10, 2014:"Chinese Calligraphy" J-Term 2014
Jan. 10, 2014:Varsity Basketball J-Term 2014
Jan. 10, 2014:"Foodies Tour Orlando" J-Term 2014
Jan. 9, 2014:MS Robotics
Jan. 8, 2014:2nd Grade Leads Lower School Chapel
Jan. 7, 2014:"Strategy Board Games" J-Term 2014
Jan. 7, 2014:"Design on a Dime" J-Term 2014
Jan. 7, 2014:TMA Christian Life Blog
Jan. 6, 2014:J-Term 2014
Jan. 5, 2014:TMA's Varsity Cheerleading Team
Jan. 3, 2014:Koinonia Small Group Meeting
Jan. 1, 2014:Happy New Year from TMA!
Dec. 31, 2013:5th Grade REACH - African Presentations
Dec. 31, 2013:TMA's New Speech and Debate Team
Dec. 30, 2013:2nd Quarter Honor Rolls
Dec. 30, 2013:4th Grade REACH - Chinese Presentations
Dec. 28, 2013:Re-Enrollment Paperwork
Dec. 27, 2013:Tellagami Digital Book Reports
Dec. 25, 2013:Christmas Art
Dec. 25, 2013:1st and 2nd graders collaborated using the Bible Buddies app to retell Luke 2:1-20
Dec. 24, 2013:An Animated Story of Christ's Birth by 4th Graders
Dec. 24, 2013:Mrs. Dupuis' Third Grade Class
Dec. 24, 2013:Christmas Traditions in Spain
Dec. 23, 2013:1st Grade Gingerbread Houses
Dec. 23, 2013:Dress Like Christmas
Dec. 23, 2013:Coach Kohn
Dec. 23, 2013:5th graders at Tremont Retirement Home
Dec. 22, 2013:iTrailer retelling the birth of Jesus created by the K5 classes
Dec. 20, 2013:3rd Grade Reach's Australian Experience
Dec. 20, 2013:TMA's Camp Sparta
Dec. 20, 2013:TMA's International Society
Dec. 19, 2013:Professional Storytellers
Dec. 19, 2013:TMA's International Students
Dec. 19, 2013:8th Grade English Classes
Dec. 19, 2013:Junior Beta Club
Dec. 18, 2013:5th grade Super Scientist Program
Dec. 17, 2013:6th Grade Volcanoes
Dec. 16, 2013:5th Grade Flag Football Team
Dec. 15, 2013:A Christmas Carol
Dec. 14, 2013:Oviedo Christmas Parade
Dec. 12, 2013:TMA Parents Volunteer Gift-Wrapping and Spa Room!
Dec. 12, 2013:5th Grade Fun
Dec. 11, 2013:All-School Christmas Chapel 2013
Dec. 10, 2013:5th Graders at the Orlando Rescue Mission
Dec. 10, 2013:TMA Facebook Page
Dec. 10, 2013:St. Augustine Field Trip
Dec. 8, 2013:Step Up Day
Dec. 8, 2013:Winter Park Parade
Dec. 7, 2013:TMA's Junior Beta Club
Dec. 6, 2013:Anatomy and Physiology Honors - Chicken Wing Dissection
Dec. 5, 2013:The Perfect Gift Christmas Concert
Dec. 4, 2013:Lower School Christmas Door Decorating Contest!
Dec. 4, 2013:TMA 6th Grade Cupcake Lab
Dec. 3, 2013:TMA Cheerleaders
Nov. 30, 2013:TMA's National Honor Society at New Missions
Nov. 26, 2013:Congratulations to TMA's 2013 AP Students
Nov. 22, 2013:Lower School Girls Volleyball Clinic
Nov. 21, 2013:8th Annual Middle School Thanksgiving Dodge Ball Tournament!
Nov. 21, 2013:2nd Grade REACH SeaWorld Visit
Nov. 19, 2013:Fine Arts Night 2013
Nov. 11, 2013:Super Scientist Program
Nov. 6, 2013:High School Honor Society Inductions
Oct. 30, 2013:Support TMA when you shop online with Amazon
Oct. 25, 2013:Homecoming Day and FOX 35 News
Oct. 25, 2013:Alumni of The Master's Academy Please Click Here
Oct. 22, 2013:Oviedo-Winter Springs Chamber of Commerce luncheon
Oct. 8, 2013:2013 Winter Sport Tryout
Sep. 25, 2013:Chalk the Walk
Sep. 24, 2013:2013 Winter Sport Tryout
Sep. 4, 2013:Lower School Chapel
Sep. 4, 2013:Christian band, OBB, comes to TMA's chapel
Aug. 30, 2013:College Reps Build Relationships With TMA Students
Aug. 30, 2013:TMA Welcomes Our International Students
Aug. 22, 2013:High School Retreat
Aug. 20, 2013:Women's Bible Study
Aug. 19, 2013:Middle School Retreat
Aug. 15, 2013:First Days of Upper School
Aug. 14, 2013:First Days of Lower School
Aug. 13, 2013:Welcome to TMA
Aug. 6, 2013:The Master's Academy LS Orientation Packet
July 23, 2013:Blog from Costa Rica
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2012-2013 Archives

May 31, 2013:TMA's Disney Dreamer and Doer Award Students
May 31, 2013:Winter Park Scenic Boat Tours
May 28, 2013:Welcome, Mr. Ryan Johnson
May 13, 2013:Thank You For All Your Help
May 13, 2013:Super Scientist Guest Speaker, Adam Putnam
May 10, 2013:Used Uniform Sale and Bake Sale
Apr. 30, 2013:Lt. Sally Kinslow
Apr. 22, 2013:Spring Fashion Show
Apr. 22, 2013:Ovations Awards
Apr. 4, 2013:Field Trip to the Moon
Apr. 3, 2013:Look Alike Contest for K4 – 2nd Grade
Apr. 1, 2013:Important information for All Returning and New Lower School Families
Mar. 26, 2013:Great job TMA band students!
Mar. 20, 2013:Costa Rica Summer 2013
Mar. 20, 2013:Seder Meal
Mar. 19, 2013:Principal for the Day - Principal Morgan
Mar. 18, 2013:Art Exhibit
Mar. 15, 2013:Middle School Service Project
Feb. 28, 2013:Discovery Cove
Feb. 28, 2013:ACSI Speech Meet
Feb. 25, 2013:FBA Solo Competition
Feb. 5, 2013:Washington DC Trip Blog
Feb. 4, 2013:TMA Cheerleaders Win Second State Title
Jan. 31, 2013:Sea World Trip
Jan. 28, 2013:TMA's Junior Beta Club
Jan. 24, 2013:100 Days of School
Jan. 22, 2013:J-Term
Jan. 18, 2013:Pajama/Pancake Day
Jan. 11, 2013:Germany & Switzerland J-Term Trip
Jan. 8, 2013:Costa Rica J-Term Trip
Dec. 19, 2012:Christmas Pageant
Dec. 19, 2012:Second Grade Classes Sharing Christmas at Emeritus
Dec. 9, 2012:Physics Class
Dec. 3, 2012:Winter Park Christmas Parade 2012
Nov. 29, 2012:Mission Fit Possible
Nov. 15, 2012:A Beloved Founding Faculty Member, Ann Hayden
Nov. 14, 2012:Colonial Day and Thanksgiving Feast
Nov. 13, 2012:2nd Grade Students at Barberville
Nov. 12, 2012:Edison's Workshop
Nov. 10, 2012:Downtown Disney Festival of the Masters
Nov. 6, 2012:Elections at TMA
Nov. 1, 2012:Sponsors for the International Banquet
Oct. 29, 2012:Super Scientist Program
Oct. 29, 2012:Down on the Farm
Oct. 19, 2012:J-Term 2013
Oct. 17, 2012:Green Meadow Farms
Oct. 15, 2012:Thank You
Oct. 13, 2012:New To You Upscale Resale now Open
Oct. 8, 2012:REACH Election/Inaugural Ball
Oct. 5, 2012:Teddy Bear Day at the Fair
Oct. 5, 2012:International Banquet for Missions
Oct. 5, 2012:Johnny Appleseed Day
Oct. 3, 2012:Lower School Chapel
Oct. 1, 2012:Chalk the Walk
Sep. 28, 2012:FOX 35 features TMA!
Sep. 27, 2012:Gatorland
Sep. 24, 2012:Mileage Club
Sep. 24, 2012:Christian College Fair
Sep. 21, 2012:Interactive Reading Fair
Sep. 20, 2012:Bible Quizzers
Sep. 20, 2012:International Society
Sep. 20, 2012:New to You Upscale Resale
Sep. 19, 2012:Celebrating Reading Week
Sep. 19, 2012:TMA High School Art Club
Sep. 13, 2012:CHANGE for CHILDREN Campaign
Sep. 7, 2012:Dr. Harris' Birthday Celebration 2012
Sep. 6, 2012:Koinonia
Sep. 6, 2012:Cafeteria Chats
Aug. 31, 2012:Welcome to High School Ice Cream Party
Aug. 29, 2012:Upper School Parent Night
Aug. 29, 2012:International Students
Aug. 24, 2012:Middle School Retreat
Aug. 24, 2012:Upper School Retreat
Aug. 24, 2012:Hurricane Procedures
Aug. 24, 2012:LS Roller Skating Party
Aug. 14, 2012:Used Uniform Sale on 8/31/2012
Aug. 13, 2012:First Day of School
Aug. 10, 2012:Praise and Dedication
Aug. 8, 2012:MS & HS Orientation Video
Aug. 7, 2012:Teachers at Camp Sparta
July 30, 2012:LS After School Clubs
July 29, 2012:Ordering Dennis Uniforms
July 20, 2012:2012 Summer Mission Trip
July 6, 2012:Camp Sparta Fun
July 1, 2012:The OVATIONS Award
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2011-2012 Archives

June 8, 2012:Local Ministry Days
June 8, 2012:Summer Camps
June 1, 2012:TMA Adds Two New Sports!
June 1, 2012:Exciting new venture!
May 30, 2012:TMA Drama Department
May 30, 2012:Commencement Class of 2012
May 7, 2012:Puttin' on the Hits
May 1, 2012:Dennis Uniform is coming on campus with a 10% off sale
Apr. 6, 2012:Easter Chapel
Apr. 5, 2012:5th Grade Seder Meal
Apr. 5, 2012:Grandparents' Day at TMA
Mar. 30, 2012:New Recess Equipment
Mar. 28, 2012:Thank You
Mar. 28, 2012:International Society
Mar. 27, 2012:Lower School Talent Show
Mar. 26, 2012:Pi Day
Mar. 21, 2012:Summer Camps 2012
Mar. 18, 2012:Living Wax Museum
Mar. 9, 2012:Roller Skating Fun
Mar. 2, 2012:Dr. Seuss's Birthday
Feb. 24, 2012:Super Scientist Program
Feb. 22, 2012:Driftwood Education Center
Feb. 22, 2012:TMA Overseas Travel
Feb. 14, 2012:2nd Grade Father's Breakfast
Feb. 12, 2012:Florida Bandmasters Association Competition
Feb. 9, 2012:Washington DC Trip Blog
Feb. 7, 2012:Chemistry Lab
Feb. 7, 2012:Fiesta in Guatemala
Feb. 6, 2012:Varsity Cheerleaders Made School History
Feb. 3, 2012:The Master's Academy Makes School History
Feb. 2, 2012:Pajama/Pancake Day
Feb. 1, 2012:Helping the Homeless
Feb. 1, 2012:In the TMA Spotlight
Jan. 31, 2012:Personal Tours
Jan. 30, 2012:Varsity Basketball Webstream
Jan. 24, 2012:Ellis Island
Jan. 23, 2012:Legoland
Jan. 23, 2012:J-Term
Jan. 19, 2012:Wiffle Ball Tournament
Jan. 19, 2012:New 21st Century Technology
Jan. 17, 2012:TMA's “REACH" STUDENTS
Jan. 13, 2012:Volcano Projects
Jan. 13, 2012:J-Term
Jan. 5, 2012:Soccer J-Term Trip Blog
Jan. 5, 2012:Costa Rica J-Term Blog
Jan. 4, 2012:Basketball J-Term Trip Blog
Jan. 3, 2012:Scotland J-Term Trip Blog
Jan. 2, 2012:Spring Sports Tryouts
Jan. 2, 2012:Yearbook Orders Due
Dec. 19, 2011: Comments from Current TMA Families
Dec. 11, 2011:“Scrip" Shopping Cart Fundraising
Dec. 11, 2011:Christmas Chapel
Dec. 11, 2011:Thank You!
Dec. 11, 2011:Christmas Café
Dec. 7, 2011:Winter Park Parade
Dec. 7, 2011:TMA's Medieval Christmas Faire
Dec. 1, 2011:Final Exam Schedules
Dec. 1, 2011:Wall of Fame
Nov. 30, 2011:1A Boys Varsity Soccer Team
Nov. 30, 2011:Varsity Basketball Home Games
Nov. 29, 2011:Medieval Faire
Nov. 28, 2011:TMA Families Serving
Nov. 21, 2011:Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov. 17, 2011:Colonial Day and Thanksgiving Feast
Nov. 16, 2011:Festival of the Masters Chalk Competition
Nov. 13, 2011:A Beloved Founding Faculty Member, Ann Hayden
Nov. 11, 2011:Teen Read Fest
Nov. 11, 2011:Renaissance Faire
Nov. 11, 2011:Family Art Night
Nov. 11, 2011:Thanksgiving Ministry Opportunity
Nov. 10, 2011:iPad Site Visit
Nov. 9, 2011:Dennis Uniform Sale
Nov. 9, 2011:TMA's Bible Quizzers
Nov. 9, 2011:TMA Decal
Nov. 4, 2011:TMA on Fox 35
Nov. 3, 2011:17:11 Bible Study
Nov. 3, 2011:Family Writing Night
Oct. 27, 2011:Writing Emphasis
Oct. 21, 2011:Incredible Kid Day
Oct. 18, 2011:Green Meadows Farm
Oct. 18, 2011:TMA's Spirit Week
Oct. 14, 2011:Christmas Fundraising Banquet
Oct. 13, 2011:iPad Initiative
Oct. 12, 2011:J-Term
Oct. 9, 2011:TMA's High School Choir
Oct. 7, 2011:TMA Seniors
Oct. 6, 2011:Fire Museum
Oct. 5, 2011:"Like" us on Facebook
Oct. 1, 2011:Art Show
Sep. 30, 2011:Smarty Plants
Sep. 29, 2011:Johnny Appleseed Day
Sep. 28, 2011:Teddy Bear Fair Day
Sep. 28, 2011:Sense and Sensibility
Sep. 27, 2011:The TMA Annual Golf Classic was a success!
Sep. 20, 2011:Golf Sponsors
Sep. 20, 2011:Meals for Costa Rica
Sep. 19, 2011:Fan Frenzy Night
Sep. 19, 2011:College Fair
Sep. 14, 2011:Project Costa Rica
Sep. 13, 2011:11th & 12th Grade Retreat
Sep. 13, 2011:10th Grade Retreat
Sep. 13, 2011:9th Grade Retreat
Sep. 13, 2011:Friday Night Football
Sep. 12, 2011:After School Clubs
Sep. 6, 2011:Family Roller Skating Night
Sep. 6, 2011:Bubble Gum Experiment
Sep. 1, 2011:A Visit From Our Local Heroes
Sep. 1, 2011:Bible Classes
Sep. 1, 2011:Bible in K5
Sep. 1, 2011:Science and Phonics in K4
Aug. 26, 2011:Pennington Field Dedication
Aug. 25, 2011:Upper School Parent Night
Aug. 24, 2011:Pep Rally
Aug. 23, 2011:Parent Workshops
Aug. 19, 2011:First Week of School
Aug. 19, 2011:Middle School Retreat
Aug. 17, 2011:Technological Upgrades
Aug. 17, 2011:Eagle Sports Network
Aug. 17, 2011:Chapel
Aug. 15, 2011:Christmas Fundraising Banquet
Aug. 15, 2011:First Day of School
Aug. 11, 2011:Welcome Back
Aug. 9, 2011:What an exciting night at TMA!
Aug. 9, 2011:iPads Distribution
Aug. 9, 2011:TMA Golf Tournament
Aug. 8, 2011:8th Grade "Lock-In"
Aug. 4, 2011:Enthusiasm is Building
Aug. 3, 2011:High-Flying Teachers
Aug. 3, 2011:TMA Lower School Family Skate Night
Aug. 1, 2011:Teachers Are Getting Ready!
July 31, 2011:Entertainment Books
July 29, 2011:Camp Eagle Helps Winnie Palmer
July 25, 2011:ParentsWeb
July 22, 2011:Newly Designed Website
July 21, 2011:Inaugural Lacrosse Team
July 21, 2011:Athletics
July 8, 2011:TMA and the Christian Service Center of Central Florida
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2010-2011 Archives

June 28, 2011:Upper School
June 15, 2011:High-Flying Teachers
May 20, 2011:TMA Voted Favorite Private School
Aug. 31, 202:Watch Live: Master's Academy vs. Cornerstone Charter