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Comments from Current TMA Families

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What The Master’s Academy means to our family is having a community to help raise our children. Knowing that our children are at TMA is a real comfort to us. We know that what is being taught lines up with our beliefs and values. We are truly blessed to have them attending TMA. 

I am so happy that my son attends The Master’s Academy. The people are kind Christians and the curriculum has reinforced our faith. Our son truly loves his school and I am amazed at how much he has learned. The school has surpassed every expectation I had. 

The thing that has impressed me at TMA are the people who work there that show their love for Christ by showing His love to the little ones. Lots of schools build good students but with TMA the differentiator is building kids up in their love for Christ, teaching them kindness and love and respect as well as discipline. 
Having the option to have your child do drama or gymnastics, etc. and have it taught right on campus is a big plus to working parents. There is a real personal touch that you cannot get in other schools. 
We are really enjoying the arts like never before. My first child went to public school and these opportunities would never happen. 
We love TMA!

I love the happy atmosphere. I love the family atmosphere. I love the open lines of communication with parents and staff. I love all the activities the school has to offer for parents as well as students. I love how clean the school is. I love how the school teaches their students with all the latest technology. I love that I feel my child is safe. I love the family atmosphere. And most of all.... I love that Christ is the main focus of every aspect of the school. I love that my child can pray to God, talk about God, listen to Christian music at school, celebrate Christmas as Jesus's Birthday, not as a "Winter Holiday or Winter Break". I love that my child is learning more about the Lord at school then she ever would by just attending church once a week.

TMA provides a great focus and balance on education and engagement.

TMA is a safe environment. Having come from a public school where our daughter faced safety challenges daily – here we never worry about her safety – this leaves her more energy to excel as a student. It also has allowed her to do well – just moving to TMA has caused her to focus more on her grades.

TMA has a culture of academic excellence deeply rooted in Christian principles.

The Master’s Academy students and teachers alike have been so accepting and loving. I feel the Holy Spirit is covering The Master’s Academy. Also, I believe there is something to be said when my now 20 year old still speaks of the influence TMA teachers had on her when she was a student. We are blessed to be able to attend TMA. 
TMA not only supports and displays an excellence in education and athletics; they also listen to parents and children. Along with having a positive vibe, they have the Christian philosophy and are family orientated - we couldn't ask for any more!

Not only are my children getting challenged academically, but there are so many activities and clubs to join depending on their interests. My son has been involved in the sports program and if he is looking for something to do on the weekend, he enjoys going to Kids’ Night Out. In a couple of weeks, he will be learning how to build a rocket after school. We're also very grateful that Mrs. Miller and Coach Macbeth take the time to hold weekly devotions to help students with their spiritual growth. 
Thanks for introducing us to TMA! Our son, really struggled the last couple years in another school and is having GREAT success so far this year! We couldn't be happier to have made this transition! 

The Master’s Academy is an amazing school. I am in 6th grade. This is my first year at Master’s, and I LOVE it! Everybody was so welcoming! I was really nervous the first day of school, but ALL of my teachers made me feel at home. Master’s has an amazing athletic program, fine arts program, etc. I love being able to go to chapel on Wednesdays. The whole staff is so loving and puts the students first! I LOVE THE MASTER’S ACADEMY! 

I have been at TMA since kindergarten, and now I am in 6th grade and am playing middle school football! I love TMA because the teachers are so loving and caring and there are many sports to choose from. I also appreciate that I am able to learn about God. At this school the moment you enter, you will feel the love of the teachers and make new friends.