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Recently, The Master's Academy lower school REACH students focused on math, specifically business concepts. They learned 7 P's of business strategy, came up with their own small businesses including a name, logo and slogan. They studied The Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25 and learned how two men doubled their money, but one was afraid, hid his, and made nothing. With that, the students were presented with a five dollar bill to go toward their business endeavors, and they all were challenged to try and double their money as the hard-working, obedient servants did in the parable. A little over $200 went out to the TMA REACH students, and the hope was to bring back approximately $400 for charity. By the end of the exercise, our creative and hard-working REACH students brought in approximately $1,400 to bless others! These students brought in almost 7 times more than they were challenged to, and went above and beyond all expectations. K-5, with only 4 students, raised almost $20 for Samaritan's Purse. 2nd Grade, with 10 students, was able to purchase approximately $300 worth of items for Arnold Palmer's Santa Packs for children who were in the hospital over Christmas. 3rd grade, with 7 students, made well over $200 for Compassion International, specifically giving to the Child Survival Program. 5th grade, with 8 students, made close to $200 for the Florida Baptist Children's Home. And 4th grade, with 13 students, raised over $600 and was actually able to sponsor a child's cleft palate surgery through Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman's foundation, Show Hope. Way to go, TMA REACH students! God truly blessed your efforts, and to Him be the glory.