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Day 4
After loading up the buses, we left the hotel for one last day of touring. Our first stop was the Air Force Memorial. From there, we stopped at the White House Visitor Center and had one more chance at souvenir shopping before heading down Embassy Row to the National Cathedral. The students enjoyed seeing the different embassies while traveling to the Cathedral. Touring the Cathedral, students were impressed by the gothic architecture and stain glass windows. During the tour, they got a chance to see the place where President Woodrow Wilson and Helen Keller are buried. We quickly loaded the buses and drove back into the city for a tour of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Students got to see how our Nation’s currency is made and were able to stand a foot away from $1 million dollars. Our last stop of the trip was at the National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center. Here, students got to see the Enola Gay, the Space Shuttle Enterprise, and the SR-71 Blackbird. Among all of this amazing aeronautical technology, students were completely overtaken by the flight simulators. Finally, we loaded the buses for the short trip to Dulles Airport and boarded our flight to Orlando. Overall, it was a wonderful trip and many memories were made that will last a lifetime!

Day 3
An early appointment at the White House had us up and rolling at 7 am. We arrived at the White House to discover that we got the rare privilege to receive a guided tour. Students learned the location of the White House bowling alley and movie theater. They also learned about the various uses of the East Wing rooms throughout history, and got to see the snipers on the roof. After a quick stop at the World War Two Memorial we were off to the Pentagon. Students got to explore the 17.5 miles of corridors and were amazed to find out the inner workings of this unique "city." A highlight of the tour was a visit to the 9/11 memorial that commemorates those that died on that tragic day. For lunch, we stopped at the Pentagon City Mall where students were happy to find a Starbucks. The Hope Diamond awaited us at our next stop: the Natural History Museum. Students also enjoyed seeing the dinosaur exhibit and the Hall of Mammals. The greatest impact of the day was at the Holocaust Museum. The students respectfully walked through four floors of Holocaust documentation and artifacts. The moving images had a profound impact on many. We then drove to Alfio's Italian Restaurant to enjoy a sit-down three-course meal. Following dinner we drove through Georgetown. Students were ecstatic to see the bakery where "D.C. Cupcakes" is filmed and the restaurant where JFK proposed to Jackie. We ended the night with devotions from Miss Chessum. The students were disappointed that it did not snow, but are still hopeful for tomorrow.

Day 2
Our day began at Ford's Theater where students got the chance to see the Presidential Box in which Lincoln was shot. The students visited the newly renovated museum where they got to see the pistol that was used by Booth that night. We then ventured across the street to Petersen's Boarding House to see the bed where he died. Souvenir shopping was next on our list where plenty of D.C. paraphernalia was purchased. We then made our way to the National Archives to see our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Lunch was at the Reagan International Center where students got to see a piece of the Berlin Wall. After a much needed recharge, we spent several hours at Arlington National Cemetery. Students watched the changing of the guard, and four TMA students were chosen to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. As part of our tour, we visited the Challenger and Columbia Memorials, the Kennedy Grave sites, and Arlington House. After a stop at the Marines Memorial (Iwo Jima), we spent some time in our "Nations Attic" a.k.a. American History Smithsonian. The girls enjoyed the First Ladies gowns while the boys focused more on the machinery of war. Everyone enjoyed seeing the Star Spangled Banner Flag and the pop culture exhibit. Dinner was at Vie de France followed by a night tour of several memorials. Students spent time touring the Vietnam Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean Memorial, and the brand new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. The night ended with devotions from Mrs. Woodall. Tomorrow's forecast looks like snow!

Day 1
We made it! Day one began with an early start at Orlando International Airport. While many passengers on the plane believed they were on a routine plane flight, our students immediately let them know they were in for a wild ride as hands flew into the air upon takeoff. The plane landed at Reagan International and, after a quick stop at baggage claim, students boarded the Metro into the city. Our first stop was the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum where the highlight was the flight simulator. Students enjoyed the Spring-like weather as we walked from the Smithsonian to Union Station for lunch. Recent lessons from history and English came alive as students stood on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court where landmark cases (such as The Dred Scott decision, Plessey vs. Ferguson, and Brown vs. Board of Education) that they recently learned about, were decided. A tour of our Nation's Capitol was next on our list, complete with the unique opportunity to visit the House Gallery. Students commented about the size of the room - having seen it on the recent State of the Union address. A brief tour of the Library of Congress allowed the students to see the Gutenberg Bible and Jefferson's Library. Hungry students were satisfied after eating an all-you-can-eat buffet dinner at Sizzling Express. We finished the night with a walking tour of the FDR Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial. What a glorious night it was as the moon shone over the Potomac! We arrived safely at our hotel and ended the day with devotions from Miss Dionne. Looking forward to tomorrow!