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Driftwood Education Center

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TMA 7th graders recently adventured to “Driftwood Education Center” on St. Simon’s Island, Georgia. They enjoyed three days of science and history education through classes and an adventure to Cumberland Island, Georgia. Classes included: Ocean Motion – hands approach to life in the sea, Merely Plankton – catching plankton and observing samples under a microscope, Gator Tales – a hands on approach to the life of reptiles. They also adventured into the woods at night to experience the way our senses work in the dark. A full day of exploration of the different biomes of Cumberland Island also led to the study of the Carnegie family and exploring the ruins of the family mansion. 

Quotes from some of the students: 
  • Elizabeth B. – “The trip to Driftwood was the best field trip ever!”
  • Daniel W. – “It was fun getting to hold a snake!”
  • Megan L. – “ Cumberland Island was the best day ever!”
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