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Living Wax Museum

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TMA recently held the 6th Annual Living Wax Museum. This is a special event where TMA 6th grade students become a character from history and put on a short performance as this person. 

Congratulations to the following winners: 

Best Dressed: 
  • 1st place male: Tyler R. as Genghis Khan 
  • 2nd place male: Steve Neil Armstrong 
  • 1st place female: Jenae F. as Sacagewea 
  • 2nd place female: Morgan C. as Amelia Earhart 
Best Speech: 
  • 1st place male: Nico H. as Erwin Rommel 
  • 2nd place male: Gabriel S. as Charles Darwin 
  • 1st place female: McKennah C. as Joan of Arc 
  • 2nd place female: Chloe Queen Esther 
Best Overall Performance: 
  • 1st place male: Ryan M. as Sir Isaac Newton 
  • 2nd place male: Brandon U. as Elvis Presley 
  • 1st place female: Monica S. as Cleopatra 
  • 2nd place female: Amanda S. as Marian Anderson 
Endurance Award: 
  • Kyle M. as Dr. Christiaan Barnard 
  • Sierra H. as Queen Victoria
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