5th Grade Seder Meal | The Master's Academy

5th Grade Seder Meal

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TMA 5th graders had the opportunity to take part in a Seder Meal. Throughout the year in Bible class, the students have been studying the stories of the Old Testament, including the story of the Jewish nation - recognizing both the release of the Jewish nation from the bondage of the Egyptians, as well as connecting the symbolism to the release of Christians from the bondage of sin. The meal was led by Mr. Jeff Nash (husband of 4th grade teacher Cindy Nash). He walked the students through the 15 phases of the Haggadah, which guides guests through the stages of the meal. Mr. Nash taught them the importance of traditions such as leaning to the left to eat or drink, why they eat bitter herbs, wash with salt water, or eat bread with no yeast, and other important parts of the ceremony. This meal was a chance to tie all of their studies together, and understand a little more of the meaning of the Seder Passover Meal.

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