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Germany & Switzerland J-Term Trip

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Post 5

We are enjoying our last breakfast in Germany and preparing for the airport. We love Europe but miss our families and friends! We have so enjoyed our week with our new German friends. Blessings and see you around YOUR time 9 pm! (It will be our second one.)

Post 4

We had a great day and cannot believe this time is coming to an end very soon.  I am so proud of students for various reasons and also happy we travel on the off season. Sledding down Mt. Pilatus was a great surprise! I am disappointed in the lack of blogging ability but promise to do a catch up when I get home! Keep us in your prayers as we continue to travel!

Post 3

It is hard to believe that it is already Sunday! We have visited many churches along the way and have had some wonderful devotional times each evening. I am sure we will have a wonderful time today rejoicing in all that God has done...and will continue to do in the lives of our kiddos.

We are on the road this morning to Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. This will be a day of amazing photos and I am so proud of the unique takes the students have on what they see. We actually look like a photographers tour!

Flight update!

I have noticed that our flights have been changed or are in that mode. I will keep checking, but do check before you go to the airport Wednesday.  Remember to meet your student at the gate (not at baggage claim or at the curb)  You will need to 'sign out' with me so that I know that all students have been picked up and then I can leave the airport.  

All are well and doing GREAT!  Delightful group!  

Post 2

I believe the journaling from this trip will show mature thinking and some keen insight into what we are experiencing.  As we discussed tonight....traveling changes you. It challenges you to not just accept at face value what you have been told, but to go out and see for yourself. We have found that the German perspective on many things is not the same as our perspective, and that sometimes our perspective is skewed.  We have seen a number of churches and been saddened that they are not filled with believers who worship joyfully. We also found that most Germans are happy people, and have made it a point to learn from many parts of their painful be determined not to let the bad things of history repeat themselves. Wow...what a lesson...what an observation! 

Today we also visited Dachau, but again, that deserves a post unto itself.  It is one of those things that I can't really express in a blog, and the kids cannot really express in a journal. It is something that hit at the very heart of us and we are still sorting things out. It was a heavy part of the trip, but may well turn out to be one of the most meaningful. I will share more later.

Meanwhile...keep us in your prayers. We travel to Austria tomorrow. We can't get to the Eagle's Nest due to the climate and steep, narrow, road, but we have alternatives planned! We will visit the salt mines....which means that we will go....underground!  

Blessings to each of you as you go about your days and many thanks to the parents and grandparents who made this trip possible for some very special young people.

Gute Nacht!

Post 1

High Tech Germany has not been so high tech for us these past few days. Here and there I have been able to pick up email from parents and friends, but have not been able to get many messages out. I also have not been able to blog....oh my goodness, how in the world did we ever survive without immediate internet technology?

We arrived safely; this group is working together wonderfully and have been great passengers and students of the world. The airline flight attendants really enjoyed them. Everything went smoothly in the Frankfurt airport...what a beautiful place....and we met Daniel our EF tour guide. He is young, personable, very German, and is no problem at all to understand, even with his wonderful German accent. I can already tell that he is a wealth of knowledge.

We left the airport and headed toward Rothenburg, but not until we had seen a good bit of Frankfurt. We did a nice bit of walking....a good thing since we all did not sleep well on the plane and were significantly tired. I will try to post some photos tomorrow. We took a group shot in front of the European Central Bank, which you should recognize by it's huge 'Euro" sculpture.

We strolled by the river and walked through the neighborhoods. It was a lovely morning. We lunched and then hopped aboard our coach to get to Rothenburg. And yes, even though Daniel was telling us stories, we all fell asleep. We awoke to an overcast sky and stopped at the old city wall of Rothenburg. I will tell more with the photos, but the kids had a great time shooting photos in this quaint little town that was only lightly bombed during the war!

After our stroll, we listened and watched the Glockenspheil chime. Daniel told us some great historical stories and then we loaded up for Munich....what a day's work! (We shopped just a little and got back to the warm bus!) We stayed in a quaint little bed and breakfast hotel and had dinner just down the street. Then off to bed. 

This morning we headed to Munich...or rather Munchen. We stopped in Nurenburg along the way. This had not been on my agenda but Daniel was born here and wanted to show us his home town. What a great way to spend our free time! His parents stopped in to see us as well and they are delightful! We got a great tour of the castle and the town center. 

Most of us had lunch in a wonderful lunch hall....Bratvurstmarkt. They served brats..and not much more....but oh wow! It was a family style restaurant, so they filled in the tables ...until they were full. Several in the group had a meal with the locals at their table and one group was even treated to lunch by an American living in Germany for many years. Evidently it was nice for him to talk to people from back home and he bought their lunches!

We are all doing well and having a great time! Thanks for keeping our group in your prayers.