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Seder Meal

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TMA 5th graders have spent much of their Bible class learning about the children of Israel - God's chosen people; students traced their lives through the Old Testament. Students learned of the steps it took to see God's promise to Abraham fulfilled. They followed the Israelites story through slavery and bondage. The Israelites were saved from the 10 plagues, including the final plague of the death angel, when he "passed over" their homes when he saw the "blood of the Lamb." As a result, Jews celebrate the Passover Supper, or the Seder Meal, at this time of year. TMA 5th graders were walked through the 15 steps of the Passover meal, led by Mr. Jason Kimak. It was a celebration of God's redemption of His people, which, in turn, becomes OUR celebration as a people of God. 

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