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Dress Like Christmas

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TMA's lower school student council sponsored a "Dress Like Christmas" day. The winners were chosen for being the most creative in their costume (not just a store bought outfit). Even the teachers and office staff took part in this celebration! Congratulations to the winners in each class: 
  • K4 - Camden Z. 
  • K5 - Rebecca S. 
  • 1st - Logan H. 
  • 2nd - Rensy W. and Tyler H.
  • 3rd - Luke B. and Mathias P. 
  • 4th - JJ W. and Ashlyn E. 
  • 5th - Jorja S. and Brooke H. 
 The teacher team winners were: 
  • The 2nd grade teacher team dressed as The Three Wise Men 
  • The 3rd grade teacher team dressed as the Grinch and friends from Whoville 

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