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France J-Term Blog 2014

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Post 4

We spent the morning with an amazing guide named Co-Co who showed us around St. Malo. We heard about privateers and shipwrecks, high tides and low tides, and all kinds of great things about early centuries. Co-Co was one of the most fascinating guides we have ever had. 

Many of the students have taken the challenge to learn a bit of French, even trying to order in French at restaurants. They are quite impressive! We had some amazing pastries today, which we earned from walking about 5 miles on cobblestones! 

After varied, but delicious lunches, we headed out to Mont St. Michel. This is the Abby/Monastery that stands as an island in the middle of the bay. It was low tide when we arrived, so we were even able to walk on the surrounding beach. 

We enjoyed some time reflecting with God in the Gothic and Romanesque chapels. It was quite an experience, I must say. We stopped counting stairs at 210, but there must have been close to 1000!

Post 3

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day! It was chilly, but not brutal, and the sun was bright and warm. We spent the day at Normandy, seeing the bomb-filled carters across the landscape and learning about the historical events that took place here. Our tour guide was exceptional! 

All of the students are well. We have a few scratchy throats because the weather turned chilly, but they will resolve quickly. We will be in Dinan for two nights in this lovely little apartment hotel.

Post 2


Wow, did we ever create a full agenda! Yesterday we went to Rouen and to Caen, both in Normandie (Normandy, as we spell it). The American history part of the tour is coming up today. Rouen is a lovely little town, so distinctly different from Paris. We spent so much time in the little towns and could even see the after effects of the bombings from WWII.

We will be boarding for Honfleur and Entretat today. We are getting closer to the D-Day Landing Sites. The weather is cold... low 30s and breezy, but we will keep an eye on the kids as they venture to the cliffs overlooking the English Channel at Entretat. Tomorrow is the American Cemetery at Normandie!

Post 1

France: our destination for J-Term 2014! This year we will continue to focus on journaling and photography, but our real interest and points of discussion will be on world view. Everyone has a world view that directs their decisions. As Christians, we always strive to be like Christ, to make decisions like He would and to go through our days as He would. In the upcoming days, we will be talking about the paths we choose and the paths of those who walked before us. 

We are excited to visit Rouen, where Joan of Arc fought valiantly for her faith and was martyred for it. We will also visit the Beaches at Normandy. I get chills just thinking of the bravery of that generation, who are mostly in their 90s now. What remarkable men and women who stepped up to the plate when the world was at its darkest. 

We invite you to follow us this week on our adventure in France. Stay tuned for more updates! Bonsoir!