Cup O'Pottery J-Term 2014 | The Master's Academy

Cup O'Pottery J-Term 2014

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TMA seniors Hannah M. and Monica W. had a great experience interning with Cup O’Pottery during J-Term this year. They worked directly with the pottery studio owner and learned how much goes into running a business and the importance of engaging customers, communicating clearly, showing patience, and staying organized.

Hannah shared with us how the opportunity impacted her spiritually. “The morning of my first day on the job my devotional was titled, ‘God Likes Clay.’ The devotional definitely revealed to me that God had his hand on my internship! He also taught me to be pliable like clay when it comes to what the future holds for me, whether college, internship, career, or whatever tomorrow brings. When you throw pottery on the wheel, you gain a new perspective of your relationship with God. Clay is hard to center on the wheel. A lot of times, we are stubborn like clay, but God is patient with us when we refuse to mold. He is the potter; I am the clay." 

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