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Exciting Updates for TMA's Preschool

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It's an exciting time to be a part of The Master's Academy Preschool in Oviedo!

Research tells us our youngest learners need to learn through the use of their senses, have the freedom of self-guided play, be exposed to activities that build oral language skills, and experience teacher supported social and emotional advancement. We are excited to unveil our new Preschool STEAM Lab which will accomplish these purposes in a variety of ways using hands-on, intentional play spaces that are STEAM focused.

Students will have the opportunity to build structures only they can imagine in our engineering center, work together to build vocabulary or solve STEM problems on our high tech, interactive touch table, play and build objects on our light cube, and create endless structures on the magnet wall. They can take care of our pets in the pet center using their imagination pretending to be a veterinarian or own a pet store, learn the value of healthy eating through the process of gardening in our beautiful, new outdoor garden, create a variety of artistic masterpieces in our art and music centers, and explore textures in our sensory center.

Through exposure to these activities, our preschoolers will learn how to work together to solve problems, develop complex oral language skills allowing them to better communicate with others, ultimately deepening their social and emotional health. We are thrilled to offer this to our families starting in fall 2017.

We are also very excited to add to our repertoire of curricula this year with the renowned and research based resource, Creative Curriculum. Early Education gurus praise the depth of learning that is fostered through this curriculum. Our preschoolers will learn each day through the use of integrated lessons focusing on what we know about Early Literacy, hands-on learning, and intentional play spaces with rich, supportive activities and award-winning literature. We are so thankful for the opportunity we have at TMA to teach all of our lessons through a Biblical worldview.

In addition, our Bible curriculum teaches our students about their great, big God who loves them and created them for a purpose. We look forward to continuing to enhance our program as we seek to engage our students in learning more about the world around them through the lens of Scripture.

We are currently enrolling students 18 months - K4 for 2017-18. Space is limited, so contact admissions@mastersacademy.org if you're interested in being a part of TMA's preschool!