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Upper School
Mrs. Valerie AdamsMrs. Valerie Adams
US Computer Teacher
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext. 1122
E-mail Mrs. Valerie Adams
Mrs. Nicole BarclayMrs. Nicole Barclay
MS History
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1248
E-mail Mrs. Nicole Barclay
Miss Jessica BourqueMiss Jessica Bourque
Middle School Bible
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1131
E-mail Miss Jessica Bourque
Mrs. Lisa BurnetteMrs. Lisa Burnette
MS English
Phone: 407-971-2221 x1132
E-mail Mrs. Lisa Burnette
Mrs. Brenda CastaldiMrs. Brenda Castaldi
AP Psychology; MS/HS Electives
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1252
E-mail Mrs. Brenda Castaldi
Mrs. Debbie ClarkMrs. Debbie Clark
MS Science
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1105
E-mail Mrs. Debbie Clark
Mr. Mark CoreyMr. Mark Corey
HS History
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1402
E-mail Mr. Mark Corey
Mr. Jeffrey CrewsMr. Jeffrey Crews
US English / Communication
Phone: 407-971-2221 x1134
E-mail Mr. Jeffrey Crews
Miss Jacqueline CrossMiss Jacqueline Cross
ESL Instructor
Phone: 407-971-2221 x1315
E-mail Miss Jacqueline Cross
Mr. Zach DarnellMr. Zach Darnell
HS History
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1406
E-mail Mr. Zach Darnell
Mrs. Beverly DeirociniMrs. Beverly Deirocini
US English
Phone: 407-971-2221 x1120
E-mail Mrs. Beverly Deirocini
Mr. Scott FraserMr. Scott Fraser
MS Bible
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1249
E-mail Mr. Scott Fraser
Mrs. Deanne GordonMrs. Deanne Gordon
MS Math
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1102
E-mail Mrs. Deanne Gordon
Mr. Jef GordonMr. Jef Gordon
MS History
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1133
E-mail Mr. Jef Gordon
Mrs. Melissa HillegassMrs. Melissa Hillegass
US Science
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1107
E-mail Mrs. Melissa Hillegass
Mrs. Nadine HindsMrs. Nadine Hinds
US Math
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1114
E-mail Mrs. Nadine Hinds
Mrs. Jaime HopeMrs. Jaime Hope
HS Science
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1130
E-mail Mrs. Jaime Hope
Mrs. Sarah JamesMrs. Sarah James
MS English
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1104
E-mail Mrs. Sarah James
Mr. Jermel JonesMr. Jermel Jones
MS PE / Head Football Coach
Phone: 407-971-2221 x1235
E-mail Mr. Jermel Jones
Mrs. Tiffany KohnMrs. Tiffany Kohn
HS English
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1112
E-mail Mrs. Tiffany Kohn
Mr. Nathan LawrenceMr. Nathan Lawrence
US Math
Phone: 407-971-2221 x1252
E-mail Mr. Nathan Lawrence
Mrs. Lindsey MartoranaMrs. Lindsey Martorana
High School Science
Phone: 407-971-2221 x1401
E-mail Mrs. Lindsey Martorana
Mrs. Morgan MatosMrs. Morgan Matos
US Theatre / Thespian Sponsor
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1141
E-mail Mrs. Morgan Matos
Mrs. Lauren McLainMrs. Lauren McLain
HS PE/Science
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1118
E-mail Mrs. Lauren McLain
Mrs. Melissa NewportMrs. Melissa Newport
HS English
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1119
E-mail Mrs. Melissa Newport
Mr. Tony PittsMr. Tony Pitts
HS Bible
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1404
E-mail Mr. Tony Pitts
Mrs. Monica PorterMrs. Monica Porter
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1228
E-mail Mrs. Monica Porter
Mrs. Kelly RainesMrs. Kelly Raines
US Spanish
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1115
E-mail Mrs. Kelly Raines
Mrs. Amy RiveraMrs. Amy Rivera
US Art
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1329
E-mail Mrs. Amy Rivera
Mrs. Brittaney SchwartzMrs. Brittaney Schwartz
MS Math
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1103
E-mail Mrs. Brittaney Schwartz
Mr. Randy SchwartzMr. Randy Schwartz
MS Science
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1251
E-mail Mr. Randy Schwartz
Mrs. Ileana SerranoMrs. Ileana Serrano
US Spanish
Phone: 407-971-2221 x1403
E-mail Mrs. Ileana Serrano
Mrs. Katie SpellmanMrs. Katie Spellman
HS Social Studies
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1405
E-mail Mrs. Katie Spellman
Mrs. Shawn ThompsonMrs. Shawn Thompson
US Bible

Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1113
E-mail Mrs. Shawn Thompson
Miss Joy WasmundtMiss Joy Wasmundt
US Music/Band
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext. 1341
E-mail Miss Joy Wasmundt
Mrs. Amber WilderMrs. Amber Wilder
MS English
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1101
E-mail Mrs. Amber Wilder
Mrs. June YarboroughMrs. June Yarborough
Director of Library and Media
Phone: 407-971-2221
E-mail Mrs. June Yarborough