Support Staff
Mrs. Sharon BaileyMrs. Sharon Bailey
LS Administrative Assistant
Phone: 407-706-2221
E-mail Mrs. Sharon Bailey
Mr. Steve BinkleyMr. Steve Binkley
Mrs. Ann BirkmireMrs. Ann Birkmire
School Nurse
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext. 1225
E-mail Mrs. Ann Birkmire
Mr. Christopher BromfieldMr. Christopher Bromfield
Director of Maintenance
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1200
E-mail Mr. Christopher Bromfield
Mrs. Andrea BrosseauMrs. Andrea Brosseau
Library Aide
E-mail Mrs. Andrea Brosseau
Mrs. Kathy CainMrs. Kathy Cain
Director of Transportation
E-mail Mrs. Kathy Cain
Mr. Matt ClevelandMr. Matt Cleveland
Asst. Dir of Advancement/Dir of Baseball
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext. 1224
E-mail Mr. Matt Cleveland
Mrs. Kathy CollisMrs. Kathy Collis
LS Receptionist
Phone: 407-706-2221 ext 1300
E-mail Mrs. Kathy Collis
Magdalena CostaMagdalena Costa
Mrs. Cheryl DawsonMrs. Cheryl Dawson
LS Administrative Assistant
Phone: 407-706-2221 ext 1351
E-mail Mrs. Cheryl Dawson
Raul FrancoRaul Franco
Mr. Larry GesellMr. Larry Gesell
Mrs. Taina GlemserMrs. Taina Glemser

Guidance Coordinator
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1155
E-mail Mrs. Taina Glemser
Mrs. Aida HerroldMrs. Aida Herrold
US Receptionist
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 0
E-mail Mrs. Aida Herrold
Mark HodgesMark Hodges
Assistant Director of Maintenance
Mrs. Tracy LewisMrs. Tracy Lewis
Mrs. Mia LoweMrs. Mia Lowe
Athletic Administrative Assistant
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1226
E-mail Mrs. Mia Lowe
Mrs. Valerie LugoMrs. Valerie Lugo
Guidance Assistant/Registrar
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1169
E-mail Mrs. Valerie Lugo
Miss Rachel MarksMiss Rachel Marks
Executive Assistant to the President
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1247
E-mail Miss Rachel Marks
Javier MarquezJavier Marquez
Mr. Marshal MillerMr. Marshal Miller
Media/Audio Tech
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1117
E-mail Mr. Marshal Miller
Mrs. Ahisha MoyetMrs. Ahisha Moyet
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1152
E-mail Mrs. Ahisha Moyet
Carlos NievesCarlos Nieves
Mr. Tom OMr. Tom O'Daniel
Bus Driver
Mrs. Jacqueline RiveraMrs. Jacqueline Rivera
Upper School Administrative Assistant
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1150
E-mail Mrs. Jacqueline Rivera
Mrs. Carolyn ScanlonMrs. Carolyn Scanlon
Lower School Lunchroom Supervisor
Phone: 407-706-2221 ext 1514
E-mail Mrs. Carolyn Scanlon
Mrs. Pauline ScheelMrs. Pauline Scheel
Bus Driver
Mrs. Stephanie SmithMrs. Stephanie Smith
Admissions and Advancement Assistant
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1245
E-mail Mrs. Stephanie Smith
Mrs. Judi TomeMrs. Judi Tome
Overseas Travel Coordinator
Phone: 407-971-2221
E-mail Mrs. Judi Tome
Mrs. Sharon VickMrs. Sharon Vick
Human Resource Manager
Phone: 407-971-2221 ext 1244
E-mail Mrs. Sharon Vick