Fees and Tuition

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New Student Application Fee – This non-refundable fee is required for all new students and pays for processing a K-12th grade student’s application and when necessary, standard entrance testing. 

Enrollment Fee – This fee is in addition to annual tuition and places K4-12th grade students on the school roster, thereby reserving their place at TMA. It is non-refundable once it is either billed or paid. Students must be withdrawn before March 1, or April 1, to avoid financial responsibility for those monthly installments. No credits will be issued on any enrollment fees after March 31.

Open Enrollment – This begins on January 29, for all families wishing to enroll in TMA. These fees must be paid in full or (upon request) may be divided into a maximum of three equal payments.

Annual Tuition – Tuition is paid either in full before June 1, or in twelve monthly payments beginning June 1, and is due by the first of every month.

Withdrawals – Students are not officially withdrawn until written notice is received by the Finance office. If a student withdraws after their application has been accepted, all fees and tuition accrued through the end of the month of withdrawal are due regardless of the date. The tuition amount will be calculated based on a 12 month payment plan that began June 1.

Additional Expenses – These are other costs that may be incurred for trips, uniforms, athletic participation fees, or other activities. All lower school students will incur an activity fee twice a year.

Late Payments – Payments are due by the first of every month. A $30 late fee will be charged if the balance due is not paid by the 7th of the month. An additional $50 late fee will be charged if the balance is still not paid by the 14th of the month. Students may not attend classes on the first day of the following month or participate in any activities if the previous month’s balance (including any installments of the following year’s re-enrollment fees) is not paid. TMA will not guarantee a place on the roster for students whose enrollment fees or tuition payments are one month overdue.

  • Enrollment Fee Discount – Families enrolling multiple students in K-12th grade, after paying the full enrollment fee for the student with the highest enrollment fee, will receive a $225 discount for additional siblings registered. The enrollment discount does not apply to K4 students.
  • Sibling Tuition Discount – Families with multiple students in K-12th grade, after paying the full amount for the student with the highest tuition, will receive a $500 discount for additional K-12th grade siblings. This discount is not applicable to the K4 or GOLD programs. McKay and Step Up scholarship recipients will receive a prorated portion of the discount based on the amount they actually pay. 
  • Annual Pre-Payment Discount – Families who prepay their annual tuition before June 1 will receive a 1.5% discount. You must notify the Finance Department no later than May 1 to be eligible for this program. This discount is not available to the following: K4, GOLD, Financial Aid recipients, McKay, and Step Up students.
Financial Aid – This program is limited and requires a new application to be filed annually to be considered for funding. Eligibility is based in part on income and asset levels during the previous year. Deadline for submitting applications is March 31.  Applications may be picked up in the Finance office.

McKay, Step Up, and PLSA Scholarship – Recipients must contact the Finance office by June 1, to ensure proper enrollment in the program.

The Step Up Scholarship - Please visit the Step Up for Students website for more information.

Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts - Please visit the PSLA website for more information.

Last Updated: September 11, 2015