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G.O.L.D. Program

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God's Opportunities for Learning Differences

The Master's Academy is committed to recognizing the God-given talents and specific learning profiles of each student. We believe that God created each individual and equipped them for the purposes He has planned. The G.O.L.D. program offers various levels of assistance to K4-12th grade students. Programs are designed for students who evidence specific needs in mastering academic learning standards as well as students who exhibit an aptitude for higher learning. Based upon a student's specific needs, they will be placed in one of the following G.O.L.D. programs: The Learning Center, S.U.R.G.E, or Discovery.

The G.O.L.D. Process

  • Students will be referred to the G.O.L.D. program by a TMA teacher, Principal, or Guidance employee.
  • The Learning Center Coordinator will review the student's current education evaluation, academic records, and hearing/vision testing.
  • An administrator will review the findings and sign the referral form.
  • The Learning Center Coordinator will meet 1-2 times with the student one-on-one to assess their needs.
  • Based upon the recommendation of the Principal and Learning Center Coordinator, an academic plan will be developed.
  • Parents will meet with the Principal to discuss the proposed plan, including any fees.
For more information please contact:
davidmcfallsMr. David McFalls
Lower School Principal
G.O.L.D. Coordinator
407-706-2221 ext 1353
E-mail Mr. McFalls

Dana DionneDr. Dana G. Dionne
Upper School Principal
407-971-2221 ext 1111
E-mail Dana Dionne
Last Updated: February 23, 2016