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A physician’s signature is required for all medications to be administered at school.

Parent/guardians may supply over the counter or prescription medications that are necessary for a student to receive during school hours.

  • The first dose of any new medication may not be administered at school.
  • All medication must be in the original labeled container and properly labeled with the student’s first and last name and current grade.
  • Note that your pharmacist can be requested to prepare prescription medications in 2 labeled containers: one for school and one for home.

The school nurse (or a trained delegated staff member on field trips) will administer all medications. School policy prohibits students from carrying, sharing or self administering any medication with the exception of certain circumstances in which a physician provides written authorization of self care for specific chronic conditions (ie asthma, diabetes and life threatening allergies.)

All medications will be received and stored in the clinic by the school nurse. Students are not permitted to deliver medications. Parents/guardians must deliver medications in the original and properly labeled container and are expected to retrieve all medications by the last day of the school year. The school nurse will dispose of medications, which have not been retrieved.

Click on the appropriate link below to download printable copy of TMA medication forms.

  • Medical Authorization-Parental Consent Form ~ 2015-2016

Authorizations to Administer Medications

Parents/guardians may FAX forms to physician’s office to obtain signature. The physician may FAX the forms directly to the upper or lower school office.