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The Master’s Academy has security personnel who greet visitors, offer direction to drivers, and screen cars as they come onto our campus during school hours. The attendant attempts to allow onto our campus the cars that have the TMA GATE PASS cling on the driver’s lower side front windshield of the car. During drop-off and pick-up, if a vehicle does not have a cling, the driver could be asked to pull over into a special parking area so we may check into the matter further.

Also, a Seminole County Deputy is on duty each day during school hours. The deputy roams the TMA campus as an extra measure of protection.

Very few schools provide these services to their families during school hours; we are grateful to be able to “go the second mile” by having a deputy posted on campus during school and limiting access to the campus to authorized vehicles. During the school day we keep the gate on the lower school side closed so that there is only ONE entrance in and out of our campus. Of course, during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up we will open the lower school gate to help exit cars in a timely manner.
Faculty members wear name tags which clearly identify them as staff. It is necessary for parents and visitors to go to the office to obtain an ID badge or sticker and to sign in and sign out.
Because of our commitment to provide protection for our students, staff, and volunteers, we have an armed deputy on duty to monitor the campus, and assist with traffic during drop off and pick up times.

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