2017-18 Chapel at TMA | The Master's Academy

2017-18 Chapel at TMA

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Introducing Mrs. Macey Krause and Coach Cal Stack

At TMA our students have the unique opportunity to worship, pray, and grow spiritually together. Much of this takes place throughout their week and is further facilitated by a daily Bible class and a weekly chapel experience.

This year, middle and high school chapels will involve students in four different gatherings with very intentional goals to engage them in meaningful ways that can help them grow in their faith walk.

The four chapels are:


“Engaging students through a time of worship and a life-giving message.”

Students will gather in the PAC to worship and hear about Biblical topics from a variety of guest speakers.


“Connecting students by establishing new and supportive relationships while developing their own personal relationship with Christ.”

During this chapel experience students will gather throughout the campus for small group Bible discussions led by faculty and peers.


“Praising God as a community of believers in a time committed totally to worship.”

Students will gather in the PAC for a full worship experience.


“Exploring different topics to better understand and grasp biblical worldview as it relates to each one.”

During this chapel experience, students will be able to select from a series of topics (leadership, spiritual gifts, prayer, etc.) led by teachers.

Our student ministries team will also be working with our lower school to continue to give students a fun and exciting weekly chapel experience.