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Comments from TMA Families

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TMA is a place where God is welcome, His Word is taught, and His name is praised.   

TMA is more than a school, it is a family. It is a perfect mixture of cutting-edge technology, with the safety and warm environment of years ago.   

There is complete acceptance and welcoming of new students entering school.   

We have three children and each has a different learning style.  What we love about TMA is the small class size as well as the high-quality of their teachers!  Just as important is the love of Christ that is evident in all of the staff members we have met. The communication between our children’s teachers and us is amazing!  The Master's Academy continues to bring out the very best in our children.

Teachers utilize varied teaching styles on a day-to-day basis.

There is constant and continual communication from the school and teachers.

TMA teaches the whole child, not just academics. 

We are overjoyed at all our child gets to experience and be a part of. We are mostly, overjoyed that he gets to experience all of that while being surrounded by Godly people who are interested in his heart as much as his brain. 
It feels like a family here.

The Master's Academy has been such a blessing to our family.  My daughters are getting an amazing Christ-centered education.    

The variety of extra-curricular activities is fabulous.  Everyone has a place where they can shine!  

We love TMA!  There could not be a sweeter school for my daughter.  We adore the teachers and staff here. Everyone here truly loves God and that is contagious and so important and wonderful.  I feel so good knowing my daughter is loved and learning so much at school.   We really love it.  Thank you!!

I have three kids at TMA and will bring another one when she is old enough, in 2 years, I would strongly recommend TMA to any parents, this school has everything I have ever wanted for my kids. It is truly a blessing to be part of this family.

This is our daughter's first year at TMA. We made the switch from public school at the start of middle school, and we couldn't have made a better decision. Our daughter is thriving! She has made wonderful friends, is making better grades than ever before, is interested in all her classes, and is gaining depth in her relationship with Christ. TMA has given her the right atmosphere for success in all areas of her life, and we count it a privilege to have her here.

My wife and I have had four children at TMA over a period of nine years, thus far, and have never regretted it. Words I would use to describe our experience with TMA are Balanced, Authentic, Professional, Caring and Christ-like. We have recommended many of our friends and colleagues to The Master’s Academy and will continue to do so.
I love how TMA has various activities available; there is Spanish, art, music, library, computer class  and MORE - even for the youngest ones.  

We love the teachers at TMA!  They always push our students to excel. Plus, they are positive spiritual role-models.  After the death of their grandmother earlier this year, each teacher comforted and prayed for my kids.  I wouldn't have them anywhere else! 

As newcomers to TMA, I won't lie and say we weren't a tad nervous that our son wouldn't be able to transition smoothly.  That nervousness was tossed aside pretty much day one.  Communication –communication-communication.  My husband and I have honestly never seen anything that compares to the personal way The Master’s Academy cares about our son. 

We could not be happier in our decision to send our child to The Master’s Academy.  We know God has amazing plans for him.  We truly feel he is exactly where God wants him to be. 

We are in the lower school and you will not find another person who will personally care more about your child than the remarkable principal, Dawn Miller.  She is an amazing listener, she gets the job done and she is steadfast in her faith. You will never see her without a smile on her face.  She is a blessing to TMA. 

I love The Master’s Academy!  My son has been going since he was four, and he is nearly 16. What I love about it is the individual attention you and your child get. Anytime I email the school or a teacher with any question or concerns about anything, I get a response within just a couple of hours! If the person responding to my email doesn’t know the answer, they will get me to the right person! 

TMA has awesome teachers. They make the day so much fun and also help the children become really, really smart. 

TMA is simply about the students -- while it's certainly academically challenging, and the teachers are fantastic, the clincher is the friendly, family-like environment -- it's been great to see my child love school again after coming to TMA. 

I have so much appreciation for this school. 
My children were new to TMA a few years ago: one in high school, one in middle school, and one in elementary school.  Therefore, I have had experiences with the school as a whole and I am thoroughly and gratefully impressed.  I find both the teaching staff and administrative staff to be ready, willing, and able to help in any circumstance.  The staff continues to impress me with their concern and compassion for each of my children, as well as with their knowledge and teaching skills.  Most importantly, God is the main focus of this school, and the staff demonstrates their love of and dedication to Christ, and are, therefore, wonderful role models for all of the students.  

My children have benefited emotionally and academically from being students at The Master's Academy.  I feel blessed to have my children in this school and am confident that they have a firm foundation in growing a healthy relationship with Christ. 

We love TMA! When we had to live out of state for a while, my son was attending a private school but not a private Christian school.   One day when I picked him up after school, he looked at me and said "You know Mom, you just never know what you have until you don't have it anymore."  He was lamenting about not being at the The Master's Academy.  Even though it was in a beautiful setting and the classes were small in size and challenging, the heart of the school just wasn't the same.  The Lord was missing and it was evident in the classmates and the teachers.  Nobody really reached out to the new people at the school and it made you feel a bit like a foreigner.   This statement spurred us on in our prayers and increased our endeavors for us to obtain a job back in Orlando so that our son could attend The Master’s Academy once again. 

TMA truly has been the perfect fit for our daughter. I am so thankful that God laid it so strongly on my hubby's heart last year to check out TMA. Our daughter is a different kid this year, and we are so thankful for the growth and the joy that just bubbles out of her.

Our son was at his daycare provider for the first five years of his life and being an only child he tends to be a bit shy.  There is no question in our mind that becoming a part of the TMA family was not only a smart choice, but that we have no doubt that we were guided by our Lord in heaven.  The entire transition could not have been smoother and our sweet child comes home every single day energized and ready to learn about God’s word. Thank you TMA for all you do!     

We love TMA because when we drop off our kids, we know they are safe and getting one of the best educations in Orlando.  TMA has loving teachers that care and always challenge our kids to their best. We are blessed to be a part of the TMA family and can't imagine our kids being anywhere else.  

My son transferred to TMA for his sophomore year of high school.  During his freshman year in the public school system, we saw a change happening in him that we just didn’t like.  He had gone from being a good student prior to high school (attended a private Christian school through 8th grade) to not really caring that much about his studies and the sweetness of his personality that we loved so much seemed to be fading away and his grades were following that pattern as well.  He was surrounded by many kids that didn’t care about their grades, were disrespectful, used bad language and were doing the least to get by in school that they could. We made the decision to come to TMA for his sophomore year.  He had to leave all of his friends and his comfort zone and yes, it was very hard for him.  Within the first 2 weeks at TMA, we saw the Son coming out in him again.  He is now making great grades, participating in school sports, he’s happy and is thinking more about his future than ever before.  

My children always comment on "how amazingly nice everyone is."  We love the family, Christian atmosphere! 

I like how well organized the activities are (e.g. field trips, games, dances, etc.)  I can see the difference in the good quality and great atmosphere of all the activities attended at TMA.  My daughter is very happy. There is respect among her peers.

TMA provides quality education.  I can highly recommend TMA!

The Master’s Academy is great because the teachers are great and they care about the kids. I met with each of my daughter's teachers the other night at the parent teacher night. They all impressed me in different ways. The teachers understand that my daughter is trying and worked to figure her out as an individual who needed something different in some areas.

My daughter is in an environment where Christ is the center and the reason for everyone's attempt at being their best. What a blessing for me as a father.

Our experience at TMA could not be more positive! Our oldest daughter graduated 5 years ago from TMA and our youngest daughter is a junior this year. We moved about 40 minutes away several years ago and actually did try another school which was closer. I can honestly say there is no comparison. We returned to TMA and it was like "coming home". Honestly, the drive turned into some quality time I will always be grateful for. My daughter has thrived since our return and I know she will continue to throughout her remaining high school career.

I give all glory to God for the office staff and teachers. They are not your ordinary group of people. Truly they are a tremendous blessing to each and every family that goes to TMA. 
We chose this school because of the focus on Christ - especially in today's world which is so focused on the material. TMA is a blessing for us versus the public school system. We thank God for all TMA does for our children. 

The Master’s Academy was the perfect place for my middle school aged daughter.  I love the teachers for the way they care about my daughter.  Teachers communicate well and work with parents to achieve the best results in a child.

Our family is a big fan of The Master’s Academy. After having interacted with teachers from kindergarten through 12th grade for more than a decade now, I can honestly say this faculty is an incredible group of hard-working and caring Christian men and women. My boys have been blessed to have good teachers every year who genuinely care about them and believe in them. Beyond that, they expected great things from them and gave them challenges and experiences to push themselves and inspire them. 

We have been blessed to be a part of The Master’s Academy and it has been worth every sacrifice. Of all the things we could’ve spent money on, nothing would have yielded as great a return, in my opinion. 

I’m a single mom, paying for this school by myself and it is the best investment I could make. I know my children are getting an excellent education. But for me, it's also about them being surrounded by supportive and caring teachers.

I love knowing that this is a safe place, and I know the teachers care about the children!

Learning more about Jesus and having a blast doing it is so important. I am so thankful that my girls go to TMA and love school so much. There is so much more to a child’s development than education. TMA gets that right; but beyond that, there is the spiritual development. The Master’s Academy partnered with us as parents in that area too. Our boys learned about hiding God’s word in their heart. They were allowed to ask hard, faith-based questions, and they were encouraged to find the answers. They were not only told who God is, but they were shown His kindness, faithfulness, and even discipline by the role-modeling this staff has done. Our sons learned that God is real and active in their lives, and has a plan for them.  I love that all of the teachers are always willing to help with schoolwork or anything else we may need; they really care about us and how we’re doing. The moms’ Bible study has been a wonderful gathering of moms from different churches, sharing the Word of God and how relevant it is in our lives. The group makes TMA feel like a small family where we are involved in our children's lives at home and at school!

From the first day we visited TMA, I continue to be amazed at the level of organization and accessibility of the teachers and administrative staff. After visiting several schools, we found TMA to meet our goals for a high standard of education with a Christian base, nurturing and motivating staff, safe campus and parental involvement. Knowing that my grandchildren will have the opportunity to begin their school years and graduate at one campus with students and families who share the same Christian values as us was an important factor in our decision.

Our son really enjoys his teachers, classes, school, and sports; we have been part of the TMA family for two years now, and the entire staff at TMA is friendly and truly dedicated to seeing our son succeed. We couldn't have chosen a better place to build a strong foundation both educationally and spiritually. Our second child will be starting at TMA next year, and I myself attended The Master’s Academy back in the early 1990’s. Please keep up the great work!

I love that we’re able to be in small groups with the teachers and feel comfortable getting to know them.

This is our family's 20th year at TMA and we have seen the benefits all along the way! Our daughter graduated seven years ago, our oldest son five years ago, another son one year ago and we have one son remaining at TMA, who is a junior this year. Each of our kids who have graduated from TMA has said upon starting college, "College is so easy!" Our response is, "Thank God and Thank TMA!" The Master's Academy is truly a preparatory school not only for college but for life. Our daughter was inspired by her teachers so much at TMA that she became a teacher and has been teaching successfully for three years. Our oldest son has a great business position with a family-oriented Fortune 500 company. Our second son is off to a great start in college. 

We are so thrilled with each and every moment at TMA and I love subbing and volunteering for it. It is the whole package and a complete extension of our family. I cannot say enough!

The spiritual impact of TMA is amazing. The teachers truly love our kids and they show it every day. They pray for our kids and their families regularly. Chapels are positive, Bible teachers share practical and biblical advice, coaches provide a Godly example in the arena of competitive sports, and the list goes on. 

TMA’s academic statistics seal the deal when it comes to preparing your child for successes in life. Their AP course percentages are high and well above the Florida average, and the number of students scoring high on AP scores remains exceptional as well. The dual-enrollment program offers at least 30 college credits! Additionally, I can’t say enough about the values demonstrated daily by the staff, faculty, and coaches. If I had to do it all over again I would have started my child there sooner.

We cannot thank TMA enough for being the blessing it has been to both our children and to us as parents. It is truly The MASTER'S Academy. TMA truly prepares you for college and guides you on the righteous path of God!

I really love that TMA is a safe place where I can openly talk about God with other Christians! Also, the school plays are so fun! I think it's awesome that I have an exciting way to express myself through Fine Arts.

I love the teachers because they are awesome and really do care about us. They devote a lot of their free time to invest in us and build us up in Christ and lead us where we need to go.

I really love how when I came to this school everybody was so nice and caring and that everybody pretty much knows each other here. We have an amazing Christian environment.

I’m so thankful that TMA provides a culture which encourages Christian values in our thoughts, actions, lifestyles, and world view.  My children were in a public school the last few years. While they had some amazing Christian teachers, the culture of the school did not allow them to experience any type of faith-infused education. I have noticed a difference in their attitudes thanks to the Biblical perspective that can be openly shared and experienced here.

I absolutely love the teachers! They want to help you get through life and go beyond just the books.

What a difference we have seen in our daughter. It started when she finished the tour of TMA. When she was walking out, she looked at me and said, "This is like a dream come true." What my daughter has found at this school is a place where she can relax and enjoy learning. She loves the opportunity to learn the Bible in school and to have Christian friends. She is so happy to be able to go to TMA and we are so happy to be a part of the school as well. Thank you for all you do to make this such a wonderful place for our children to learn and grow.

Everyone is so nice to each other, even if they don’t know you, and the grades are so very unified!

The teachers are awesome, relatable and fun!

I like that TMA is all about Christ. It is a place where I am not afraid to share my faith and I can be proud of it. It is a community that helps build me up in Christianity. 

My favorite thing about TMA is that it is one big, happy family and a great environment to grow up in, especially being here from elementary school to now graduating this year. I have personal relationships with all my teachers and it makes it so much easier to learn. Everyone supports you and is there to help you.

I love how the teachers want to be involved in your life and how they truly care about you in and out of school!

I love the fact that we are able to openly speak about Jesus and say His name. We are also allowed to pray and share spiritual happenings in our lives. What I love about TMA are the teachers. You can go to them with anything and they will listen with open ears. It really creates a nice environment where you are comfortable to learn.

I am so grateful for TMA, especially while I was going through my chemo treatment. The school chaplain visited me while I was in the hospital, TMA staff watched over my daughters, and everyone kept my family in their prayers. I love the community and the people around me. There's nothing I love more about TMA than how close I am with so many people here.

TMA has become such an incredible place of spiritual and emotional growth for me.

I can't even begin to describe how much I've fallen in love with my fellow students, my teachers, and the faculty. After having attended 3 different schools over my high school career, I've felt the various atmospheres in all my different high schools and have come to the conclusion that nothing compares to the accepting and open-hearted vibe I get on this amazing campus!

Good teachers can be one of the most influential forces in the development of a child. At TMA, we have found teachers who truly care, who walk that line between discipline and love, and who are always willing to go out of their way to help our children. When an educator touches the life of a child, it makes a profound and lasting impact. The teachers at TMA go above and beyond each and every day, so that our children can learn from their example and carry forth the same approach to the next generation.

I love that we, as students, can be so open with our teachers and fellow peers and not feel like we are getting judged. Also, I like the fact that I'm making life-long friends here at Master's!

I like the fact that this school is inclusive and allows you to participate in many different activities throughout the year. I love the welcoming attitude towards everyone here and how the teachers genuinely care about us. It really does feel like a family.
What The Master’s Academy means to our family is having a community to help raise our children. Knowing that our children are at TMA is a real comfort to us. We know that what is being taught lines up with our beliefs and values. We are truly blessed to have them attending TMA. 

I am so happy that my son attends The Master’s Academy. The people are kind Christians and the curriculum has reinforced our faith. Our son truly loves his school and I am amazed at how much he has learned. The school has surpassed every expectation I had. 

The thing that has impressed me at TMA are the people who work there that show their love for Christ by showing His love to the little ones. Lots of schools build good students but with TMA the difference is building kids up in their love for Christ, teaching them kindness and love and respect as well as discipline. 

Having the option to have your child do drama or gymnastics, etc. and have it taught right on campus is a big plus to working parents. There is a real personal touch that you cannot get in other schools. 

We are really enjoying the arts like never before. My first child went to public school and these opportunities would never happen. 

We love TMA!

I love the happy atmosphere. I love the family atmosphere. I love the open lines of communication with parents and staff. I love all the activities the school has to offer for parents as well as students. I love how clean the school is. I love how the school teaches their students with all the latest technology. I love that I feel my child is safe. I love the family atmosphere. And most of all.... I love that Christ is the main focus of every aspect of the school. I love that my child can pray to God, talk about God, listen to Christian music at school, celebrate Christmas as Jesus's Birthday, not as a "Winter Holiday or Winter Break". I love that my child is learning more about the Lord at school then she ever would by just attending church once a week.

TMA provides a great focus and balance on education and engagement.

TMA is a safe environment. Having come from a public school where our daughter faced safety challenges daily – here we never worry about her safety – this leaves her more energy to excel as a student. It also has allowed her to do well – just moving to TMA has caused her to focus more on her grades.

TMA has a culture of academic excellence deeply rooted in Christian principles.

The Master’s Academy students and teachers alike have been so accepting and loving. I feel the Holy Spirit is covering The Master’s Academy. Also, I believe there is something to be said when my now 20 year old still speaks of the influence TMA teachers had on her when she was a student. We are blessed to be able to attend TMA. 

TMA not only supports and displays an excellence in education and athletics; they also listen to parents and children. Along with having a positive vibe, they have the Christian philosophy and are family orientated - we couldn't ask for any more! 

Not only are my children getting challenged academically, but there are so many activities and clubs to join depending on their interests. My son has been involved in the sports program and if he is looking for something to do on the weekend, he enjoys going to Kids’ Night Out. In a couple of weeks, he will be learning how to build a rocket after school. We're also very grateful that Mrs. Miller and Coach Macbeth take the time to hold weekly devotions to help students with their spiritual growth. 

Thanks for introducing us to TMA! Our son, really struggled the last couple years in another school and is having GREAT success so far this year! We couldn't be happier to have made this transition! 

The Master’s Academy is an amazing school. I am in 6th grade. This is my first year at Master’s, and I LOVE it! Everybody was so welcoming! I was really nervous the first day of school, but ALL of my teachers made me feel at home. Master’s has an amazing athletic program, fine arts program, etc. I love being able to go to chapel on Wednesdays. The whole staff is so loving and puts the students first! I LOVE THE MASTER’S ACADEMY! 

I have been at TMA since kindergarten, and now I am in 6th grade and am playing middle school football! I love TMA because the teachers are so loving and caring and there are many sports to choose from. I also appreciate that I am able to learn about God. At this school the moment you enter, you will feel the love of the teachers and make new friends.